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Outsourcing Your Onboarding


Onboarding is the process of assimilating a new hire into your company, ensuring they understand their role and your company values. We live in an age when people are more likely to job hop, with younger generations frequently switching companies and organisations experiencing lower staff retention levels. That’s why more companies are looking for more effective onboarding programmes, to ensure they keep their new recruits for longer.


What is onboarding?

Some organisations take a ‘sink or swim’ approach to onboarding and leave their new hires to muddle through on their own, but that is a tactic which seldom works. The sink or swim approach usually leaves new employees struggling to find their place. Research conducted found that almost half of hourly workers quit their new job within the first sixteen weeks and half of external senior hires leave within eighteen months. Contractor workers on average only complete one rotation when the ‘sink or swim’ approach is implemented.

A managed onboarding programme can and invariably does lower that turnover rate. The sooner a new hire understands your company’s mission and workplace culture, the sooner they can feel comfortable in their role and start to become a productive member of your team. Rather than simply leaving them to figure things out, you give them the time and space to fully master the business processes, policies and procedures they need to understand.


Why successful onboarding matters

New recruits who don’t undergo a period of onboarding can often feel cut adrift, unsupported and undervalued. When people start to feel they’re not being helped to assimilate, they often disengage and may start to look for other opportunities. In the worst case scenario, they can also prove disruptive to other members of staff and lower productivity all round.

Your company has put in a lot of time and effort in the recruitment process, so you want to see a return on that investment. HR departments are often stretched and do not have the resources to put into a well-planned onboarding programme. There is no one size fits all approach to onboarding, and the process needs to be tailored to individuals at different stages of their career or entering different roles. For that reason, many companies will struggle to carry out effective onboarding in house, particularly if they are regularly taking on new employees.


Why outsource onboarding?

As with many things in business, outsourcing to a specialist company can save your organisation time and money in the long run. The Warren Spencer Group has devised a range of strategies which can help get the best possible outcomes for you and your new hires. By outsourcing your onboarding to us, you get the results you need and ensure that your new staff members assimilate and stay in their new roles.

We can help to facilitate ongoing learning at every level of your organisation, building clear communication channels to ensure new staff feel their voices are being heard. Working with your new team members, we can help them understand your company values and culture, master your key business strategies and find their feet as they navigate their new role.

We can also set key milestones by which to measure the success of a new recruit, providing them with a framework to work to as they start to integrate themselves into your organisation. By monitoring their progress and development, we create a nurturing environment which allows them to see a clear path to career progression.


Best in the business

Our highly experienced onboarding practitioners know what works. Warren Spencer Groups goal is to help our clients improve their retention rates and employee satisfaction levels, satisfied employees are more productive employees. The successful integration of new staff can work wonders when it comes to employer-employee relations, and when people are happy in their work and in their workplace, they’re more likely to remain loyal.

If you would like to find out more about the services Warren Spencer Group can provide, we are always happy to discuss your business needs. We specialise in onboarding to the security, safety, medical and UXO clearance sectors. For more information or to outsource your onboarding to us, please get in touch today.