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Recruitment pricing

A recruitment package is designed to help those companies who have regular recruitment needs because they offer you the quality of service at a fixed price. As a dedicated recruitment company, we have a range of packages that offer services to help you quickly fill vacancies within your company. Our packages allow you to enjoy all of the benefits that come from employing professional recruiters without having to deal with unexpected costs.


Our packages

Our packages offer you full transparency when it comes to your recruitment costs. We have five different packages for you to choose from: blue, green, bronze, silver or gold.


Starting at £49 per role, our blue package buys you a 30-day campaign on our jobs board. The position is advertised by Warren Spencer Group and all applicants direct their CV's to our HR team. The team complete the first round of CV screening and forward candidates that met or exceed the essential criteria list directly to you. Your company logo can be added to the jobs board should you wish to do so.


Starting at £395 per role, our green package buys you a 30-day campaign to help get the message out to candidates that you have roles to fill. It also gets you a fully managed service when it comes to producing analysis for your available role as well as talent acquisition. We will also perform an initial sift through applications that come in, ensuring that they meet the specification of your role.


With our bronze package that starts at £475, you will benefit from all services included in the green package plus we will offer an extra service in that we will arrange interviews on your behalf. We will handle all of the administration that can be burdensome when interviewing prospective candidates and ensure that you only ever meet those who have the skills to really make a difference in your organisation.


Our silver package priced at £595 per role gets you everything that you do with our other services, plus the benefit of a named account manager. This means that you will have a named contact within our team who will be responsible for your day-to-day recruitment needs. They will have a full understanding of what your business and will ensure that your campaigns run smoothly.


Our gold package is our ultimate package. Priced at £2495 per month, you will enjoy all of our services across an unlimited amount of positions. We see this as a full recruitment solution for companies who operate with a high volume of recruitment needs. We take care of everything from drafting the job description, completing the role analysis and conducting both remote and formal interviews.


The benefits of a recruitment package

Recruitment can be a costly affair. Handling this process in-house impacts on the productivity of your employees, which can reduce your profit margins. Recruitment agencies can help, but expensive commission payments based on the salary of the role can make this prohibitive. With us, there is no commission and no extravagant recruitment costs. Our costs are transparent - you can see exactly what you are paying for on paper before you sign up to use our service. With us, you get recruitment expertise at an affordable price.

The benefits of employing a recruitment firm

As a recruitment firm, we have access to thousands of potential employees, all stored on our database. We also have the marketing power to reach out to many more. Our team has the expertise to really sell your opportunity to potential recruits, helping us fill your job role quickly. Not only will we recruit quickly, but our professional staff all fully understand how to fill jobs with the right staff. If you use us, you can decrease your recruitment costs by avoiding hiring staff who lack the skills that you require. Give us a call today to discuss your needs - we are more than happy to examine your recruitment issues with you.